About Us

We are independent volunteer adoption, genealogy and family reunion researchers.

We started Lookup United Kingdom in the mid 1990s as a resource now used by over 100,000 regular users who are seeking help finding lost friends and family members.

Later we started UK Birth Adoption Register with some other researchers, and that has grown to over 45,000 members today.

We are not a big corporation looking to take advantage of people who need help searching. We are just a group of friends offering as much help as we can at minimal cost.

Terms & Conditions

You are only allowed to use this site and the information you receive for legal purposes. Results obtained are not to be used for business, telemarketing, harrassing or nuisance calls.

We are not responsible for any actions taken by any person who uses this site. By using our service, you are certifying that you agree to these conditions.

We do not provide e-mail addresses, or intentionally show ex-directory or mobile phone numbers on this site. Results range from 1-10 years old.

Why Am I Listed?

You are/were listed in the phone book, registered for a website at some point in time, and opted-in for third party use of your information.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect or store any information from visitors, other than standard website logs. Cookies are used by third parties to display advertisements.

GDPR: Phone Directory data contained on this site is public information within the UK.

Removal Instructions

As per the laws of the UK, we will be happy to remove your listing if you require it for any reason at any time.

To remove your listing, simply search for the listing on the site and then use the REMOVE LISTING button next to your number. Removals are instant and only take a few seconds.

If you have any issue using our automated removal tool, please e-mail us below and we will manually remove your listing promptly.

Requests for removal from this site will remove your listing from our phone book database.

If you wish to be also removed from our electoral roll people finder database, please find that listing and make that separate request here.

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You can email us here.

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